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A porn blog just liked that post I posted of my question from work

like do you guys even read the things or do you just do a search for a word and like everything in it

because you should -really- read them…

When there’s a post going around that you want to comment on but you don’t at the same time because your inbox will fill up with shitlords.

So you sit and patiently wait for someone else to do it and have to sit on your hands as it keeps popping up on your dash with ridiculous comments on it just because someone popular reblogged it with a semi-ridiculous comment.

You guys, I love all of you so much, I do. The past…god…week? Has just been a downward slope for me, and you guys are just…you’re here for me, and it’s so fantastic and it’s so great. And you guys, I just love you guys so much.

You know I had this whole sappy thing written out in my head but now it’s 5am and my brain just doesn’t want to transfer what I had up there to my fingers, but like, I’m just really glad all of you are in my life.

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