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Maybe I’ll just shower in the morning. 

Get up at 10:30, shower, make fruit salad, get ready to go. I’m not doing full face make up because my face has been an asshole the past month and it’s all broken out still and I’m not subjecting it to BB cream and blush and shit. Totally gotta pluck my brows though, shave the legs, and trim under arm hair.

De-winterizing is a pain in the ass.

bektehgreat asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers ♥


god damn this is hard


  1. I grew up hating my voice but apparently it’s super bright and sunny and that makes me feel a lot better about it. So my voice is pretty nice.
  2. Even though I was never fond of my voice I loved my laugh because it was always real and loud, and it was infectious. It can be loud and long or even short and giggly but it’s always real, and I will laugh at everything. 
  3. I’m very Mama Bird/Mama Bear with my friends and family. I always worry. Like ‘did you eat, have you had water, did you take your medicine today, who was mean to you, point them out, I’ll get’em.” Though it’s not just with friends, even people I hardly know on here, when they feel bad, I feel bad, when people are mean to them I get mad. I’m a very empathetic person - which sometimes is so fucking taxing but it’s something I can’t turn off. Even though at times it is taxing, I think it’s a good trait. It can be a good thing to have. 
  4. I like making food and I am good at it. I like baking and cooking and man it’s fun. I generally just like doing things with my hands, just taking a bunch of things and turning it into one awesome thing.  Like this pirate and boat I made like 6 years ago:



and then this mermaid painting I did 8 years ago:


I also have pictures somewhere of cakes I made for one of my sister’s birthdays in the shape of guitars and they were completely decorated in fun colors with strings and even ‘stickers’. Also one year I hand made 150 Christmas ornaments to go on our tree. Made from clay and hand painted each one because we couldn’t afford ornaments and we didn’t have any of our own. That was also about 6 years ago and they’ve since fallen apart, but I liked them. They were fun to do. And then there was the gingerbread cookies I made a couple years ago:


(those are cinnamon candies that I melted in the oven into a disk like shape and just plopped them on the top of the icing, and then we put icing on top, and then laughed about how it looked like semen, and then fed them to our family)

I also crochet and loom knit, I crochet’d this forever ago:

and still have it, it’s a baby blanket and it was just something to do because I like to keep my hands busy. It’s too big for the baby now.

And I cross stitch, I did this for my sisters birthday:

and I have a pizza one that says “Till Death Do Us Part” with a pizza slice boarder.

5. uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I write good

Annnd I end the work week with $0.82 because the last hour has been dead, I kept getting distracted, and though tomorrow is technically the last day of the work week for me, Sofia’s 1st birthday is tomorrow so gonna be busy with that. 

But that means only $7.46 for the week if tomorrow is a long day and I can’t get any work done then. I only made $6.12 last week but still got a $25 bonus so hopefully I get a pretty good bonus for this week.

I don’t care if ‘Lindsey had her’. Lindsey was busy doing something and you were sitting on the couch playing a fucking game and the baby came into my room while I’m trying to work and started fucking shit up. I then had to put myself to away at work and carry her out there all while you are still on your fucking computer playing a god damn game. 

This has gone on all day. ALL FUCKING DAY. Just because I work from home does not mean you can bother me whenever.

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