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ALSO, I answer this about myself because I actually got responses in my inbox so instead of copy pasting I’ll put it out for everyone:

Who are you - Kelsey, hi.

Whats your favorite color - Um, all the colors? Partial to blue and red. Teal. Turquoise. Orange… all the colors. 

Favorite musical - Wicked

Favorite ice cream flavor - Vanilla. People are always like “It’s so boring!” but like, so? Sometimes boring is nice. And vanilla can totally be pumped up with other things and be totally awesome! I mean, chocolate and other flavors can too, but you’ll still just have chocolate with other things. With vanilla you can turn it into anything you want. A gallon of vanilla ice cream is a gallon of a million different flavors my friend. (I like to mix peanut butter in mine, caramel is good too, butterscotch…)

Do you have a cat - I currently have 2. Christa, who is now the oldest, she is the black and white cat, and then Annalise, who is the multicolored one, brown mainly.

Random fact(s) about you - I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I like to start projects and never finish them because I get bored. I want to make my own candles and soap (though I don’t know if I’d be able to use the soap because my skins an asshole).

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