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Some motivational statistics


  • Tumblr user roaaarywilliams once wrote 2000 words in half an hour. 
  • Corín Tellado wrote and published over 4000 novels in her lifetime, often writing a novel every week.
  • Barbara Cartland once wrote 23 novels in a year.
  • Everybody knows about NaNoWriMo, but have you heard of the 3-Day Novel Contest? Contestants write a novel in the span of a single labor-day weekend.
  • Rachel Aaron writes 10k words nearly every day.

If these people can do it, so can you!

This is a little less motivational and a little more ‘oh god I’m going to go crawl into bed and never get out’ for me.

Worries of being a writer


  • Is this the right word?
  • How am I supposed to get my characters to the next plot point?
  • Am I using too many words?
  • Are my characters completely unlikable?
  • How do beginnings work?
  • And also, what’s with endings?
  • Dang it, there’s that stuff in between as well…
  • Will this darn thing ever get finished?
  • Who will ever want to read my crap?
  • Does the plot even make sense?
  • I hope nothing happens to my computer!
  • Is the voice strong enough?
  • Am I spending enough time on my writing?

I, again, am not participating in NaNoWriMo, but I do love watching everyone else do it!

Maybe next year I’ll get back into it!

I just really need to get the editing done on my current novel before I start on another (never mind that I already have another one 40k words in and not even half done).

Good luck all!

Looking at the pieces of last years NaNoWriMo and I’m like ‘WTF is this shit?’

Most of it is good - if I do say so myself - but the other 40% or so just doesn’t make sense to the story line.

Like, so, the main thing in my novel is that, a neighboring King (this is a Fairy Tale, btw) comes to my main characters kingdom, which is a little Island. The kings son is set to be engaged to my MC’s younger sister. My MC is the middle daughter/princess.

The King (1st one with the sons) is looking for a new wife, and he picks my MC, but, my MC has 6 other sisters, so why does he pick her?

The reason I put in the book was because she has child bearing hips.

Which is so fucking lame.

In one of my earlier drafts of the story, it’s because she inherited her great-great-grandma’s magical powers, but there’s already so much going on in this story that I think magic would just be too much at the moment, you know?

It’s just a bit agravating. Though I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo this year, officially, I’d like to re-write this story, get it read through by a couple people, get it all publishable, and then release it for Kindle, see if I can bring in a little big of money.

For the first time in like, 7 years, I don’t think I’m doing NaNo this year. There is just too much in my life right now, what with possibly losing the house, trying to start up this little business, and general brain damage from 7 years of NaNo - I just…can’t.

I still have the novel from last year I need to polish up, package up and try to sell.

But I’m going to love watching everyone else go through it.

Thank god for Camp NaNoWriMo though right!? For those who can’t do it during November, it’s just sitting there for us every month. After everything get’s settled, I’m going to be doing that.


Heed my call!

Yea, guys I need help.

My work is having a ‘contest’ and each person I sign up I get $5, and an entry to win $500, which would be really useful for us right now since we’re most likely loosing our home at the end of the summer, plus right now we have vet bills up the wazoo.

It’s pretty simple to sign you guys up, but you do have to give me something. Ok, so this is what you do:

Simply take a few seconds to sign up for the Natural Instincts VIP list. Text NIVIP to 242242 or enter via - then, you have to send me the cell number you signed up with.

On Tuesday, my work will be sending me a form, I have to put all the cell numbers/entries I have on it, and I get $5 for each confirmed number.

Now, ya’ll are sitting here going ‘This bitch is crazy if she thinks I’m giving her my number!’

But guys! Hand to God, you can trust me. May He strike me down with a lightening bolt if I’m lying to you here: I will never, ever use your cell number for anything but this contest. Once you send it to me, it’ll be copied down to a Microsoft Works page, forgotten (I’m bad with numbers, I sometimes forget my own home number), then when ever I get the input sheet from work, number goes in there, page is deleted, recycle box is emptied, and it’ll be like you never even sent it to me.

Now, I’m pretty desperate for this money. We really, really need it. We are, most likely loosing the house at the end of the summer, unless we all (mother, sister and I) can get a full time job, which hasn’t happened in the last year+ since my mom was fired, and seriously, Tumblr knows our money problems, I’ve bitched about it before, and now with spending our emergency $600 to get me home this summer, we’re gonna be really fucked if they take the house at end of summer and kick us straight out…

ANYWAY. Sign up, send me your cell number. Easy peasy guys! Sign up friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, family, everyone with a cell phone (and their permission) it’s a quick thing, you will get ‘updates’ once a week (or daily, or twice a week, whichever you choose!) but seriously, you can ignore them (I plan to). However, you will get a confirmation text, (2 actually) and you really just have to open the first one I think, here are what they say:

Text1: U’ve signed up for weekly messages from ChaCha for the Natural Instinct’s Daily Refreshments Challenge. Info and Terms + Conditions at

Text2: Msg & data rates may apply. Txt NIVIP FREQ to edit frequency. Txt NIVIP STOP to cancel. Txt NIVIP HELP for help and other menu options. (remember though, don’t stop until after the first week of August)

But come on Tumblr, help a girl out here.

You can send me your cell number at: (anon is on) or at my work email (please don’t spam it, or sign me up for shit like some other fuckers decided to do)

Also, you must stay signed up in this contest until the end of it, which is the beginning of August, so really only like, 2 weeks of updates, and if you choose the weekly option then you get like 2-3 updates which is NOTHING.

So please, sign up, reblog the ever loving shit out of this, and tell family/ friends!

(Also? Sorry about the tags, but I need signup’s people)

Then end of NaNoWriMo for another year

Last night, at 3am, I passed the 50k mark. I went to bed with around 50,152 words. The story isn’t done, in fact, it’s far from done.

Even though I didn’t make the midnight mark, I’m very happy with how far I went, and though it took some extra hours, I did ‘win’ NaNoWriMo (in my head anyway).

Though I still have a lot to write in Scarlett and Isabelle’s story, it’s time to get back to real life at the moment and get some work done.

Thanks to everyone who followed and sent encouragement during the month of November, now it’s time to head into December and the finishing/editing phase of the book.

NaNoWriMo Count Down - 12am - 00

Final Word Count: 47,154

My fingers and my mind hurt. I’m going to keep writing tonight, and if I hit 50k tonight, then I made my own NaNoWriMo, since I really didn’t start until noon that day, so I’m giving myself until noon tomorrow. Then I would have won for myself, and hell, even if I don’t make it to 50k tomorrow, I’ve still gotten farther then I ever have before and that’s damn good enough for me.

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