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You know, this wouldn’t have been so bad if this happened say, a couple days ago. Before I just blew $60 at Bath and Body Works. I coulda saved that free $50 I got from Swagbucks, and then used some birthday money, or even put off the poster frames, and pre-ordered the new kindle so I could have it by like, the second week of October. 

But no.

Of course I had to find out after my B&BW order has already shipped, and I know as soon as I get them I’m not gonna want to return them.

Now the only question is:

Do I just want the basic fucking kindle coming out, or do I want to spend the extra $40 and get Paperwhite with the light built in?

I mean, if I’m gonna be working more 16 hour days might as well make it fucking worth it right?

I got paid today. Only went $10 over my $50 limit but I got paid a little more than I was expecting so -shrugs-. Also I can’t get GTA 5 anyway so that’s $30 off my ‘to buy’ list so -shrugs-

Using coupon code: F143349 I got 20% off my order and got a free mini candle - I do not know how long this code is good for.

But things that should be in my possession by next week (or the following Monday):

  • Brilliant Citrus wallflower 2 pack refills x2
  • Vineyard Wildberries foaming hand soap
  • Meyer Lemon foaming hand soap
  • Sweet Clementine Foaming hand soap
  • Farmstand apple foaming hand soap
  • Halloween 5 pack Pocketbac
  • Wallflower plugin
  • Sweet Cinnamon pumpkin mini candle
  • Leaves mini candle
  • Sweater Wather mini candle
  • Marshmallow fireside mini candle
  • Pumpkin apple mini candle
  • Autumn mini candle
  • Spiced pumpkin cider mini candle

I’m excited. I want all the candles. I wish I could afford the big $11 candles.

I thought I did really, really well at work last week. Like I thought I’d have like $20 left over after bills were paid this week well. 

Apparently I did not. $45 in bonus money, and my bills are $50. Thankfully I have a little left over in my paypal to cover the rest. Christ.

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