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Thank God for coupon codes. 

#1 won - seriously if I didn’t spend all my money at Steam I would have picked up the other 2 (especially that starry one) since it’s Buy 2 get 1 free, and I had the $30 off, and has a 35% off when you buy 2+ items coupon.

Should be here by the 21st, and I will sit here agonizing on if it will fit or not and if I will gain or lose weight by the wedding (since I got custom fit).

oh my god you guys

2 more 16 hour days (counting today) and I am done for a week

I can go back to 8 hour days and just go to sleep any time after 9 pm - for a week, then I have to go back to 16 hour days for another week, and I might just do that for a while, one week of 8 hour days and one of 16 back and forth. It’s like an extra $60 a month which I could certainly use.

And $55 in bonus money! They decided not to put how many questions we answered down this time (strange) so I can’t even tell if I was close to more or not. But fucking Chaddie is back to the number one spot in both contests. Otherwise I probably would have gotten first in the second one.

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