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Left the house with $70, came back with $15


  • shoes
  • hair dye (thank you Bonnie for the rec, 2 boxes for $6ish)
  • germx
  • qtips
  • cat litter
  • cat treats
  • bubble bath for baby
  • face wash (cetaphil)
  • and then walmart now sells Elf stuff so I bought make up wipes and concealer. After I get paid again I want to get the setting mist for the wedding, and maybe some false lashes? All I know is that I need to dig my make up out, pull up some youtube videos and practice makeup.

I get paid again tomorrow which will be gas money for the wedding, if I get paid because that would be bonus money and I did not do too well bonus wise last week with all the sleeping in…and then I get paid again on the 25th and 28th (Mondays are the weeks pay and Thursdays are the bonus’) and that money will either go towards gas if I don’t make enough this week, or it’ll just be fun spendy money for in Paso Robles.

AND AND mom has that weekend off so at least she’s going.

I have been logged into work since 3.

I have gotten no questions.

I think work is broken.

I’m really hoping this other job contacts me soon.

But hey if any of you need shit transcribed, let me know I will totally do it. Or if you have hand written things that need typed up, I’ll do that. I’ll do it for fucking cheap yo.

I keep oversleeping for work.

1 more week of 16 hour days (or you know, from when I actually fucking wake up until 5am) and I should be good. 

Hair dye, shoes, and face wash this weekend (because I need shoes can’t get hair cut). Next weekend is gas money. Then I’ll have next weeks money for bills. [which is probably confusing as hell to everyone but I know what it means so -shrugs-]

After this is over I’m going to drink a full bottle of that Neuro sleep stuff and sleep for like 12 hours I don’t even care. 

Okay, next weekend (16/17)

  • Hair cut ($40ish - going to the good place, not to fucking $12 hair cut place)
  • hair dye (brown, boo) ($20? might need 2 boxes)
  • find a face wash that will make my face STOP in time for this wedding ($8?)

And then I will be broke for another week. And the money next week goes to gas and misc. stuff for this silly wedding. Everyone just needs to stop getting married.

And now I’m trying to figure out if I already made my payment to my CC or not. The $40 is sitting in my checking account, but I set it to pay on the 15th, when it’s due. Pretty sure I did. I do that immediately after I make the FingerHut payment, and I know that was made or I’d have $50 sitting in my bank. It better pay. I will not be late on payments. I’ve been on time for over a year, the whole time I’ve had this CC. 

So, after this month any money I make at work is mine. I won’t have to buy any more dresses, won’t have to put gas into the car so we can drive down south, won’t have to buy a bunch of stuff for this one occasion.

It’s like I’ll be free.

I’ll be able to actually buy the poster frames for my 2 posters that have been sitting in my closet for months.

I can buy furniture for my room.

I can start saving.

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