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SO UM, I went to go check my bonus today, since today is bonus day at work…and despite only working the evening bonus shift…I also got a bonus for the night time bonus shift…

I don’t know what I should do. Part of me -wants- to keep it, because it’s an extra $25, but the other part is like ‘you need to message them’ - just in case they’re like, “hey you didn’t work that shift but kept the money? fired.”

But then I’m just like…the bonus are for who answers the most questions in that time frame, and of course I didn’t even work in that time frame, I maybe answered 2 questions in all of last week in the time frame because I don’t keep my eyes glued to the clock you know? So now I’m just like…do they even count? Do they just pick who normally is on most of the time? Because it’s almost always the same 5 people who get the bonus.

-sighs- I’m gonna go email them.

I made a silly mistake when I went out shopping yesterday.

So I had $125 in cash (birthday money) and then $110 on my debit card (16 hour work days money).

First stop was Staples for a gaming headset. They didn’t have the one I was looking at (here), so I was like ‘I’ll just buy it online.” and we left. 

Then we went to Walmart and I bought my poster frames (holy crap 24x36 is fucking huge), bought some candles, and then bought Sofia a little My Little Mermaid play castle with the little people figures of Ariel and Flounder (and then a leopard because she liked it).

And then like a dork I used my card at the register instead of my cash.

Then I went to Dollar Tree and did the same thing.

Now I’m down to $26 on my card, but still have $100 in cash (I bought McDonald’s for lunch for everyone).

So now I can’t buy a headset right away (after I do a little more research) and I gotta wait until Friday when I get paid again. I’ll stick $50 from my hundred in cash into my bank account for my monthly bills - which is what Friday’s payment would have went to.

I mean, everything is okay, I just feel silly for doing it.

You know, this wouldn’t have been so bad if this happened say, a couple days ago. Before I just blew $60 at Bath and Body Works. I coulda saved that free $50 I got from Swagbucks, and then used some birthday money, or even put off the poster frames, and pre-ordered the new kindle so I could have it by like, the second week of October. 

But no.

Of course I had to find out after my B&BW order has already shipped, and I know as soon as I get them I’m not gonna want to return them.

Now the only question is:

Do I just want the basic fucking kindle coming out, or do I want to spend the extra $40 and get Paperwhite with the light built in?

I mean, if I’m gonna be working more 16 hour days might as well make it fucking worth it right?

I got paid today. Only went $10 over my $50 limit but I got paid a little more than I was expecting so -shrugs-. Also I can’t get GTA 5 anyway so that’s $30 off my ‘to buy’ list so -shrugs-

Using coupon code: F143349 I got 20% off my order and got a free mini candle - I do not know how long this code is good for.

But things that should be in my possession by next week (or the following Monday):

  • Brilliant Citrus wallflower 2 pack refills x2
  • Vineyard Wildberries foaming hand soap
  • Meyer Lemon foaming hand soap
  • Sweet Clementine Foaming hand soap
  • Farmstand apple foaming hand soap
  • Halloween 5 pack Pocketbac
  • Wallflower plugin
  • Sweet Cinnamon pumpkin mini candle
  • Leaves mini candle
  • Sweater Wather mini candle
  • Marshmallow fireside mini candle
  • Pumpkin apple mini candle
  • Autumn mini candle
  • Spiced pumpkin cider mini candle

I’m excited. I want all the candles. I wish I could afford the big $11 candles.

I thought I did really, really well at work last week. Like I thought I’d have like $20 left over after bills were paid this week well. 

Apparently I did not. $45 in bonus money, and my bills are $50. Thankfully I have a little left over in my paypal to cover the rest. Christ.

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