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Submission #56


Tony had a moment of weakness and bought Thor a kitten. Thor had a name in mind for the scrawny, black furred kitten, but he wasn’t entirely convinced until it started chasing the Robots around Stark Tower, scratching the expensive leather sofas, and constantly attacking Natasha’s toes. He named it Loki.

Submitted by potterwholocked

Submission #7


Phil Coulson is invited to the all the Stark-funded events. Pepper makes sure of that. He doesn’t always go, but when the Philharmonic Orchestra is involved, as a music lover he’s there.


At the reception, Pepper introduces him to the new cellist. Instead of simply shaking his hand and moving her attention to Tony, like everybody else, she stays and the discussion flows easily. She’s pretty, funny and quite charming. He likes her already.

It’s when she mentions being a secret comic book fan, of Captain America in particular, that he knows he’s done for.

Submission by spookybibi

Submission #5


Six months after the battle for New York, a cellist in Portland gives birth to a little boy with serious, blue-grey eyes and a dimpled chin. She names him “Philip.”

When she gets home from the hospital, she goes through her movie collection and methodically removes all the James Bond films, as well as Mission ImpossibleMr. and Mrs. SmithThe Bourne IdentityTrue Lies, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. She puts them in a plastic bag and donates them to Goodwill.

When Philip turns five, she enrolls him in art classes, gets him weekly piano lessons, and starts teaching him about the merits of gun control.

When Philip turns ten, he enters Stark Industries’ International Science and Engineering Fair. He doesn’t win. The cellist comforts him with hot cocoa and successfully hides her relief.

Two days after the winner is announced, Tony Stark shows up on their doorstep, and she knows that none of it was enough to keep her son safe.

Submission by nympheline

Cell Phone


Tony, fed up with Steve accidentally destroying StarkPhone after state-of-the-art Starkphone comes up with a brilliant idea.

Next avengers meeting there is a beautifully wrapped box on the table labeled “To Cap, Solved your phone problem for good. Trust me, this one is gonna last you a lifetime.” Steve opens the box to find…

a state-of-the-art Nokia 3310

Steve has had it ever since.

Submitted by thehotgirlproject

Submission #152


During his time in Latin America Bruce developed a fondness for telenovelas since they helped him learn Spanish. A trick he has passed onto Steve who watches with him daily. 

What he is less fond of is Tony and Clint acting out their dramatic and enthusiastic translations in front of the TV while he’s trying to watch and Steve tries to learn. 

Thor, however enjoys it immensely.

And although she would never admit it because it would only encourage them, Natasha finds their dubbed version far more entertaining then the original.

Submitted by colorofangels

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