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So I did not find out until Last Night (yeah I’m cap’ing it) that Fall Out Boy has a new song out today.

I know I haven’t been on much.

But apparently I am following the wrong people if I only found out Last Night.

I have also gone back about 10 pages today and have seen no mention of it.

WTF people.

At times like this, at almost 5am in the morning, after another 16 hour day, that I wonder how I’m not fired yet. How I haven’t fucked up any answers when the rest of the time, in skype, in my docs, here on tumblr, I have to correct almost every other word because it’s a jumbled mess. 

It’s like all my brain power just goes ‘okay, these you have to try really hard on fingers, don’t fuck up’ when the rest of the time it’s just like ‘do whatever we got spell check’.

But it’s time for bed now.

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