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Okay, so last night mom checked the van and did not find any cat food, and she didn’t even fucking tell me so I spent last night doing diddly squat to make money, instead I spent all fucking night working on her books and mine and facebooking like a fiend.

Annalise is down to like, 2 days of food, I have $5 in my checking account, and I have a $5 Amazon eGift card I’m trying to swap for cash via PayPal. Anna’s food is about $30 (it’s like $26 and tax kicks it up to $28 I think…) so I need almost another $20 in the next day or so.

I’m kinda really hoping I can reach out to a couple of my followers, I know money is tight, god do I know, but does anyone have any kind of money I can borrow? Yes, BORROW, I’m not asking for hand outs, you’ll be paid back by the end of the month, but this just creeped up on me and grandma never said anything about Annalise being low on food despite us seeing her a couple times before this past weekend when I noticed she was dangerously low.

If anyone does have the money to lend me, my paypal email is:

Like I said, anyone who lends me money will be paid back ASAP, but definitely by the end of the month. I just need $20 (and for someone to buy this $5 Amazon eGift card). 

Please signal boost!

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