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This is what the Harry Potter cross-stitch will look like once it’s done.

(pattern made, and this ^ one stitched up by

Unfortunately, I got DMC metallic thread, which I heard is a fucking PAIN, but at least I’m only using it for the sparkly stars, and a bit in the ‘Always’ (I figure 2 strands metallic and 2 regular).

Need to remember I need frames, and a lint roller at the Dollar Tree tomorrow, then some Modge Podge, tile from Lowe’s, and paint samples for another project.

Was up until 5am last night finishing this:

(Pattern by omgspicegirls on;u=266716)

it’s now being washed, and I have 2 of these ready to be ironed and framed:

(Pattern by Kasura_iome at the forums.

I have this one, the plain yellow moon, and then I have a gradient moon.

Next up is one of these:

(pattern by

and then most likely this one:

(pattern by PixyStitches ( and - she has a lot more awesome patterns at her website)

then I don’t know, I still have these 2 framed and ready to be shipped to friend/sold:

(these 2 patterns are mine)


(via O The Weather Outside… cross stitch | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)

When my little sister asked me to make her a stitched quote from Forgetting Sarah Marshall I pretty much said “…..[blank stare]…..” Luckily Paul Rudd came to the rescue with this nearly tossed off line, which seemed perfect and almost seasonal. Perfect Christmas gift!

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