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Would You Live In This House? Ikea’s 1st Pre-Made Homes


People joked about it happening one day, but Ikea has now created it’s own line of pre-fabricated and fully furnished homes!  Isn’t that crazy????

The Los Angeleno in me cringes slightly at the thought, but the New Yorker in me screams YES!!!!!  Can you imagine finding some great deal on a small plot of land in the city by a bunch of million dollar homes and dropping this baby right on top of it?  LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

I think it’s an amazing deal for people who love a fun modern look, but are clueless when it comes to decorating.  The perfect option for the design-handicapped, and starting at $80,000 - a sick deal too!  I just hope you don’t have to put everything together yourself…

Here are some photos of the “Aktiv” model:

So, would you ever live here, or are the pre-made design decisions too restrictive on your creativity and style?

My followers know my love of tiny houses.

I need this house.

Look at that kitchen. WITH 2 OVENS. And the bedroom with the sliding glass doors, unf.

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