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Submission #56


Tony had a moment of weakness and bought Thor a kitten. Thor had a name in mind for the scrawny, black furred kitten, but he wasn’t entirely convinced until it started chasing the Robots around Stark Tower, scratching the expensive leather sofas, and constantly attacking Natasha’s toes. He named it Loki.

Submitted by potterwholocked

Submission #152


During his time in Latin America Bruce developed a fondness for telenovelas since they helped him learn Spanish. A trick he has passed onto Steve who watches with him daily. 

What he is less fond of is Tony and Clint acting out their dramatic and enthusiastic translations in front of the TV while he’s trying to watch and Steve tries to learn. 

Thor, however enjoys it immensely.

And although she would never admit it because it would only encourage them, Natasha finds their dubbed version far more entertaining then the original.

Submitted by colorofangels

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