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WTF is with everything tonight.

First the ITR WoW server kicked me.

Then work kicked me like 3 times.

Now Pottermore is being buggy. I made a potion, went to wait for it, then it was like ‘lol nope, that work you just did didn’t count’ and now they say I have no potion cooking.

Can someone please come take my grandmother off my hands? Like for real?

She left a bag of cat shit sitting on our dryer all day today. In the laundry room that’s just a curtain away from the kitchen.

I’ve been wondering where the smell was coming from all day, and I thought that bag was totally something else, but it wasn’t.

It was cat poop.

Stinking up our laundry room and kitchen.

All day.


Lol, people at work are complaining about the changes they made to the Vetter role. Either STFU or leave. The end. You don’t like it, then go, leave the questions and the money to people who need it. If you’re gonna complain like you are, then obviously you don’t need the money that bad.

So much has just bugged me today.

Grandma has to fucking narrate for me everything she’s god damn doing, she has to spray some fucking aerosol spray that makes me cough and gag every 30 minutes, I really don’t want to work but I know I need to, and I’m feeling really depressed and just want to go climb into my bed, cuddle my cats and sleep for a week.

Grandma found a white pill in the hall way earlier, and I convinced her to no throw it away. I couldn’t find anything on it online, searching the description, so I think it might be drug drugs. I kinda just want to take it and find out.

If anyone has any…experience with drugs, maybe you could identify it.

It’s small, it’s the size of the O in the ‘add a text post’ on tumblr, white, round, unscored, there is an A on one side, and 52 on the other. It’s not smooth either like normal pills, it’s very rough looking, no smell that I can detect and I’m not licking it.

And awesome, grandma just took a shit and now the whole living room stinks.

Don’t want to work.

Have to work. Another Red Alert Contest. I have till Midnight to earn 800 points for another part of a $300 pot.

Found out the kids broke off a piece of the keyboard of my laptop last night. Somehow they managed to get the Q off, which is hard to do, so lord knows what the fuck they did with it, but whatever, now they’re never touching it again. They didn’t even fucking bother telling me. I found out last night when I went to go talk to my brother but he was asleep, with the fucking laptop on the floor where it fell off the bed. I picked it up to turn it off and noticed my fucking key was missing. So now it’s put up and no one is fucking touching it until they replace the key. And after that they don’t touch it.

Found a place to buy replacement keys but it’s fucking $5 just for a damn key. With shipping, thankfully they don’t try to butt fuck you there, it’s only $7 total, but fuck man. I got cats to feed and bills to pay.

Fucking grandma has been in the kitchen for over an hour, cooking, making the house hotter and stinkier then it needs to be.

I should have been working the past hour, but I can’t, because 1. my work makes a doorbell sound when I get a question in, and she has to comment each time it happens (I don’t like it being on mute, I WoW or surf the net on down times and I don’t know I get a question if I can’t hear it) and 2. because she always has to ask for things when I’m in the middle of a question, and she can’t hold her britches for 30 fucking seconds while I answer a question.

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