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Disney Build A Bear list (Including other characters from their movies)


I’ll post where to buy if I can find them. Also, at this point, Pocahontas is the only princess without a Build-a-Bear outfit. And Merida will probably be getting one come June/July. The main difference between the original and other versions outfits is that the newer usually have less accessories and/or the images of the princesses on it. Images belong to their respective owners (which are usually in the link as they are selling it.) Official ones belong to Build a Bear. If I forgot one or am wrong about something, lemme know!

———————————-Snow White

Original set-Purchase it here. (retired)

Version 2. Purchase it here. (Retired)

Version 3. Park Version. Purchase it here. (Might be retired)

Version 4-Purchase it here. (Looks to be retired online, might be in store)


Original set. (Retired)

Version 2-Park version. Purchase it here. (might be retired)

Version 3-Purchase it here.


Original set. Couldn’t find one not on a bear. Came with dress, shoes, tiara, and necklace. (Retired)

Version 2-Purchase it here. (Retired)

Version 3-Park version. Purchase it here. (Might be retired)

Version 4. Purchase it here.

Maleficent-Purchase it here.


Original version (Thanks to Kel for the picture) Comes with dress, hair piece, shoes, and rose. (Retired)

Version 2. Purchase it here.

Beast (Thanks to Kel for the picture. Comes with dress jacket, pants, and head piece with Beast horns!) (Retired)


Original set-Purchase it here. (retired)

Re-Release. Purchase it here.

Ursula-Purchase it here.


Original set. Purchase it here. (Retired)

Version 2. Purchase it here.


Original set-Purchase it here. (Retired)


Original set. Purchase it here. (Retired)


Original set (Retired)

Version 2. Purchase it here.

———————————-Tinkerbell/Peter Pan

Original set. Purchase it here. (Retired)

Park Version. Purchase it here. (Might be retired)

Version 2. Purchase it here.

Silvermist (Park only. Might be retired)

Peter Pan. Purchase it here. (Park only. Might be retired)

Captain Hook-Purchase it here.


Cruella DeVille- Purchase it here.

Minnie Mouse. Purchase it here (Park only. Might be retired.)

Sorry I’m reblogging something so long, but I really want most of these. I have the original (and apparently retired) Tinkerbell outfit.

I really want the Ariel, Ursula, Tiana, Original Jasmin, and Maleficent.


Finally moving on to the unofficial Disney ladies with Megara! So fantastically simple to research, just put her in a simple doric chiton and spent most of my time researching fabric colours and patterns to see what I could get away with. It kinda looks like she killed Hercules and took his helmet? I’m okay with that.


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I saw this on a disney forum Disney Movie Rewards are supposed to get these this year! I think the Snow White one is super cute and reminds me of the Designer Princess doll!

If I would have seen these at the beginning of my winter break, I would have designed and made a Cinderella and Tiana apron for me! Guess this will be a project over the winter quarter/spring break :) 

Very cute! I’d want an Ariel or Rapunzel one, but I might get one of these…

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